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“No other brace has the technologies or the ability to help the patient recover”

Florida Sole Distributor

We are the sole distributor of Victory Medical USA back braces. Our bracing line is a superior product at a truly affordable quality designed and manufactured brace for you and your customers.

Built in the USA

Victory Medical USA designs and builds its bracing line here in the USA thus assuring you and your patients of a quality product that has been inspected and approved by our staff here in the USA.

VForce Flex

Our VForce Flex was designed for patient compliance and ease to don and doff for accurate fitting yet providing enhanced support for unloading the spine to create a circumferential lift thus creating maximum support and comfort.

The VForce Flex creates circumferential lift and the uniquely designed back panel pushes the lordic curve into the proper position which relieves pressure in the lower back and creates space between the vertebrae thus allowing for the disc a chance to recede which promotes patient comfort and compliance.


Our VForce TLSO features an innovative design with no lard sterna pads and a unique cut out to reduce spinal pressure and increased airflow. Patient compliance has never been so high with such superior outcomes achieved.

If a patient already has a history of a spinal compression fracture, this back brace will help strengthen core muscles, decrease back pain, improve posture, and decrease the risk of future compression fractures.

VForce Razar

The VForce Razar is a cost affective treatment for low back pain that does not require the severity of VForce Flex.

Achieving Pain Free Outcomes

Victory Medical USA has been designing and building braces for years and takes great pride in our quality and distribution channels to help facilitate getting you the products necessary to help your clients achieve pain free outcomes and return to a better quality of life.

Exclusive Florida Distributor

We are the exclusive distributor for VForce Flex and TLSO here in Florida and I would like to meet or discuss with you and earn your interest in adding the Victory Medical bracing line to your bracing portfolio.

Our ability to deliver product to you within a matter of 48-72 hours benefits your inventory as you don’t need to tie-up your funds in bracing inventory costs. You receive an order and within 2-3 days your brace(s) are delivered to you or the office you designate.

With superior bracing technology, quality made in the USA products, superior clinical results, and a truly affordable price for the value received, Victory Medical USA should be your brace of choice.

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